History of Anjuman-E-Isha’at-E-Islām

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History of Anjuman-E-Isha'at-E-Islām

The first General Meeting of the Muslim population residing in Walsall, Darlaston, Wednesbury and Tipton was organised on Sunday 20th July 1958 at 5.00pm at the Town Hall in Walsall. Mr Abdul Karim Bashi presided in the chair and decided to form an the 'Muslim Welfare Association' to serve all Muslims from Pakistan, India and the Middle East.

In July 1959, with progression due to the expansion and growth of the Muslim population in the area, there was recognition to have separate organisations for the different cultures and families; from which emerged the 'Pakistan Muslim Welfare Association' and the Muslims from India formed the 'Muslim Welfare Society'. Muslims from Walsall, Darlaston, Wednesbury, Bilston and Tipton worked closely together under one umbrella for eight years.

In 1967, due to a further increase in the Muslim population and to futher accommodate the requirements needed to sustain the growth of the area, a consensus to devolve the ‘Muslim Welfare Society’ into two was made, for the betterment of the Muslim population to be catered for.

The two associations that emerged from this were:

  • Anjuman-E-Isha’at-E-Islām – Walsall
  • Muslim Welfare Society – Darlaston, Wednesbury and Bilston


Anjuman-E-Isha’at-E-Islām (formerly known as the ‘Muslim Welfare Society’) was established in 1967/1387 Hijri with the purchase of a building at 102 Wednesbury Road, Walsall, Anjuman’s first Musallah (Jama’at Khana). Our Muslim elders and the Muslim families who settled here in the late 1950’s established the Jama’at Khana for performing the five daily Salaah (prayer) and Jumu’ah Salaah. May Allah grant them Jannah and reward them and their families in this world and the hereafter. Ameen.

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Anjuman-Isha'at-E-Islām literally means 'Organisation for the Propagation of Islam' that provides the Masjid and Madrasah facilities for the teachings of Islam to our young children and to help create good Muslims for generations to come.

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Adhaan Pager 

Streaming live broadcasts of the daily adhaans and five Fardh salaah, Tafsīr programmes in English and Urdu, youth programmes and important announcements directly to homes.

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Learn about the formation of the Muslim Welfare Association and its journey that formed Anjuman-E-Isha'at-E-Islām,

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