Salaah Times

July 26, 2021
  • Suhoor End
    3:27 am
  • Fajr Beginning
    3:30 am
  • Fajr Jam'aat
    4:50 am
  • Sunrise
    5:18 am
  • Dhuhr Beginning
    1:19 pm
  • Dhuhr Jam'aat
    1:30 pm
  • Asr Beginning
    6:39 pm
  • Asr Jam'aat
    8:15 pm
  • Iftar
    9:12 pm
  • Magrib Jam'aat
    9:15 pm
  • Isha' Beginning
    10:10 pm
  • Isha' Jam'aat
    10:25 pm

Jumu'ah Times

Main Jumu'ah
Bayaan - 1:00pm
Khutbah - 1:30pm

Second Jumu'ah
Bayaan - 3:30pm
Khutbah - 3:45pm

Weekly Programmes

Monday - Tafsir of the Holy Qur'aan (English)
Tuesday - Lessons in Fiqh (English)
Wednesday - Tafsir of the Holy Qur'aan (Urdu)
Thursday - Majlis-e-Durud
Friday - Dars-e-Hadith (Riyaad-Us-Saliheen)
Sunday - Amal of Ghusht

Listen Live

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As-salamu alaykum Brothers & Sister
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Mashallah #Walsall’s first open air #EidAlAdha prayers organized by @UmoWalsall, Aisha Masjid and us. May Allah reward all those who attended and may Allah reward the organisers.


Tomorrow’s #EidAlAdha prayer timetable.

*'Eid in the Park'*

The schedule is as follows:
🔵Urdu Reminder: 9:10am (Hafiz Muhammad Saeed)
🟢English Reminder: 9:25am (Maulana Ebrahim Esakjee)
🔴Speech: 9:40am (Mohammed Arif)
🟠Eid Namaaz: 9:45am
(Qari Abdullah)

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